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Turning Independence Into Confidence

Independent-minded investors don't need to be told how to approach investing. They've researched and examined different investment solutions. They know inflexible solutions that rigidly follow a single strategy regardless of market direction aren't for them. They want to stay flexible and maintain their independence. But, as much as they want to follow their own path, they also want to lead the lifestyle they desire, and they know going it alone in evolving markets and an ever-changing economy can be taxing and time-consuming.

It's for these kinds of investors that AssetMark, Inc. has designed the advisory services offered through Your Private Client Group ("YourPCG"), an independent registered investment advisor. YourPCG provides independent-minded investors access to flexible investment solutions designed and managed by AssetMark with input from third-party Portfolio Strategists and investment advisors with proven track records. The advisory services available through YourPCG offer transparency in both investment strategy and performance, making it easier for independent-minded investors to approach investing on their own terms, and to evaluate their strategy as they go.

If you're ready to work with a wealth management advisor who offers innovative investment solutions, the freedom to approach the market on your own terms, and is dedicated to meeting your unique needs and investment objectives, call YourPCG today.